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40% of babies born to women with untreated syphilis could die from the infection.
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It's Important to Get Screened

Not all mothers with syphilis have symptoms, so it’s important to get tested early and throughout pregnancy. Health care providers are required to test for syphilis during the 1st and 3rd trimesters in Florida.

Syphilis is curable, but left untreated it can be fatal for your baby.

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Know the Risks

Keep Your Baby Safe

If a baby has congenital syphilis and is untreated, the baby can have life-long issues like seizures and developmental delays, or even worse, may die.
  • Miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death shortly after birth, prematurity, low birth weight.
  • Infants who survive may have deformed bones, enlarged liver and spleen, brain and nerve issues (deaf and blind), jaundice, severe anemia, and meningitis.
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Signs and Symptoms

Notice Any of These Signs or Symptoms?

Not everyone with syphilis has symptoms, so it’s important to get tested. If you have symptoms, getting checked and treated quickly is important for both you and any sexual partners in order to prevent infection for your baby.

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Syphilis symptoms on a person's tongue
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Congenital syphilis is completely preventable. The best way to protect your baby is to get tested, even if you don’t have symptoms.
  • Get tested and ask your sexual partners to get tested.
  • Limit number of sexual partners.
  • Wear a condom during sex.
  Prevent Infection
  • Go to prenatal care visits.
  • Wear a condom during sex.
  • Limit number of sexual partners.
  • Don’t share injection needles.
  • Ask your partner to test.
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  Get Tested
  • Test even if you don’t have symptoms.
  • Test during 1st and 3rd trimesters of your pregnancy.
  • Ask your partner to get tested.
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  Get Treatment
  • Free treatment is available.
  • Treatment of simple antibiotics can cure your and your baby’s syphilis.
  • To avoid reinfection, sexual partners must be tested and treated.
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What is Congenital Syphilis?

Congenital syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that happens when a mother’s syphilis passes on to her baby during pregnancy or delivery.


chance of a mother passing syphilis on to her baby if left untested or untreated


of congenital syphilis cases reported in Florida result in stillbirth or infant death


increase in reported cases of congenital syphilis over the past ten years